International Men's Day

November 19th

International Men's Day is an international event celebrated on the 19 November since 1999. It aims to enhance the role of men in society. The Maison des Hommes Sourds is organizing a special event to celebrate IMD.

Events - International Men's Day

Dads Camp

January 24-26 2020

Dads Camp is an annual event made to bring together deaf or hard of hearing dads by providing workshops and moments of exchange between them.

Events - Dads Camp

Christmas Party

December 20th

The Maison des Hommes sourds organizes an activity to celebrate Christmas with its members. A warm moment to break isolation and give joy to men.

Events - Christmas Party


April 18th

The outdoors is an important activity for the Maison des Hommes Sourds to promote contact with nature. Being in nature encourages inner well-being in troubled men.

Events - Outdoors

Annual General Meeting

June 8th 2022

The Annual General Meeting takes place in June each year. All members are invited to participate in order to be able to express themselves on their needs at the Maison des Hommes Sourds.

Events - Annual General Meeting
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