Members and volunteers

You become a member for yourself
and for others.

Why be a member of the MHS?

Because you want to participate in the evolution of MHS

Because you want to have a connection of belonging and a part of the MHS which belongs to you

Because by being a member, you can express yourself at any time and during the AGM

Because you make your needs known and we can meet your needs

Because you can participate in workshops, conferences and events that are useful for you

Because you want to encourage the organization that increases enhancement in men

Membership of $10 per year. (April 1 to March 31)

To register or ask questions:

New member: PDF form

Mathieu Larivière - One of the founders

Become an MHS volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers for various tasks:

Animate various or cooking workshops,

Help us during our activities and events,

Provide support to our customers,

Organize the necessary material or documentation,


Do housekeeping,


We need you!

Give your name to:

François Ste-Marie - Volunteer

Obtain specialized services for the psychological and relational well-being

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