Véronique Leduc
General Manager and Head Intervener

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  • Bachelor in Social Work.
  • SW (Social Worker) experience as a consultant specializing in mental health.
  • My many years of experience in the community and in institutions are immense assets in meeting the needs of MHS.
  • "Want or don't want, training or not, I'll never catch up in IT!"

Martin Boucher
LSQ Mobile Intervener

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  • Linguistic interpreter
  • Team Leader
  • I am a well-organized, hard-working and committed man. And I bring the world with lots of smiles guaranteed!
  • "I don't always have a green thumb, but the plants are still standing! I watered them! Watered them well! "

Mathew Kuntz
ASL Mobile Intervener

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  • Certification in Event Planning Operations.
  • Registered in the social services program at CEGEP
  • I have the opportunity to help my team find new ideas and connect new and old generations. I have a lot of empathy and compassion.
  • "With my sarcastic jokes, I always make staff and clients laugh."

Annik Boissonneault
Communication and awareness Intervener

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  • Bachelor in Sexology
  • Multidisciplinary experience in connection with the deaf community
  • I have the opportunity to share many ideas and bring positivity for the members and the team.
  • " My office neighbors are pigeons ! "

Chantal Giroux
Administrative Assistant and Member Management

Jean-Marc Lavoie

Obtain specialized services for the psychological and relational well-being

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