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It consists of helping deaf men living in a complex situation, by accompanying them to various resources, in order to support them in their efforts. They are generally deaf men in distress, living in serious difficulties and sometimes requiring the work of a multidisciplinary team with these resources.

The appointments are mostly outside the MHS offices and their duration varies according to the situation. The worker acts as a moral support for the client and sometimes as a communication facilitator to ensure that the information is understood.

Referrals take place when the client needs special help that MHS cannot provide. The man is then referred to the relevant resource.

Accompaniment examples:

Mental Health






Food Bank

* Integrated university health and social services center of the Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal (CIUSSS), Raymond-Deward Institute (IRD)

Individual follow-up

The listening and support service helps deaf men living in a difficult situation and takes the necessary actions to support them. These are medium or heavy cases requiring in-person intervention and follow-up by a worker. Appointments are given by the speaker, in blocks of 50 minutes. The worker welcomes the deaf man at his office or remotely and gives him the necessary support.



Financial problems

Department of Youth Protection

Suicidal thoughts

Autonomy problem

Self-esteem problem

Problem in the workplace

Housing problem

Mental health problem

Physical problems

Relationship issues

Resources issues

Marital problems

Family problems

Caught up in a sect or religion

Victim of domestic violence

Victim of sexual assault

Events and workshops

The Maison des Hommes Sourds organizes events every year. In addition, she offers workshops on a regular basis.

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